Chad Cargill's Test Prep

Chad took the ACT a total of 18 times in high school
raising his score from a 19 to a 32.

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Life changing!
from Quinton High School, Quinton, OK
I came to the workshop last year and raised my score 6 points, it worked so well I wanted to come again as a refresher. Chad is an excellent speaker and I'm so glad he came.
from Yukon High School
I was worried it may have been boring, but I've never laughed, cried so hard and learned at the same time in a fun way. I liked how you incorporated your family in with it. It made it more real. It gave me that little push of inspiration to get involved and help others too.
from Glenpool High School
I learned many strategies about taking the Act test and also writing a "special" scholarship application.
from Forsyth High School in Missouri
Great information and "Edu-tainment"!
from Greenwood Lab School in Missouri
Thank you for including so many life lessons into the workshop. You helped motivate me to take charge of my education. I feel like I have a better understanding of what I can do to improve.
from Logan-Rogersville High School in Missouri
You've inspired me to not only be a dreamer, but to be a doer.
from Lincoln Christian School, Tulsa, OK
I enjoyed it and am going to make me some money so I don't have to flip burgers. I'm going to be a "doer."
from Norman North High School, Norman, OK
This has to be one of the most entertaining and informational workshops ever.
from Norman North High School, Norman, OK
Not only did I learn tips on the ACT test, I learned some valuable life lessons. Absolutely incredible!
from Broken Arrow High School, Broken Arrow, OK
I came dreading the whole thing because I was expecting the workshop to be slow-paced and boring with an old guy that presents information in an impersonal and condescending way, but I really enjoyed and benefited from Chad's energetic and fast-paced presentation.
from Broken Arrow High School, Broken Arrow, OK
I loved it! I would so pay to listen to more! I wanna actually practice now. Woh! Great job.
from Elk City High School, Elk City, OK
It was amazing! It inspired me to do better and study for my ACT. I learned so much about scholarships. It was phenomenal.
from Wall High School, Wall, TX
This workshop is like none I have been to before. It incorporates ACT skills, life lessons, and fun to benefit my future.
from Bartlesville, OK
"I learned many new things to help me not only on the ACT, but what I can do to inspire others. It also taught character building and what you can do to help and inspire others."
from Pauls Valley High School, Pauls Valley, OK
It was very educational, benefiting, and entertaining. People who make me laugh will get me to learn.
from Rotan High School, Rotan, TX
This was a very informational workshop. It affected me greatly. Showed me what I could do to help out my community and how to take a smart approach at taking the ACT. I would really like to attend another on of Chad's workshops.
from Sequoyah High School, Tahlequah, OK
I'm very inspired to do things not only to better my test scores but also to better myself. Embrace the nerd! :)
from Crowder High School, Crowder, OK
This is my 5th time to take the workshop & I would come back for a 6th.
from Spiro High School
This workshop was a blast!
Jesse Townsend
from Carney High School
I liked the help he gave during the breaks.
from Davis High School
I liked how you talked plain and didn't just stand behind the podium.
from Bethel High School
Being able to e-mail you makes us feel really involved. We feel like we have a friend that can give good advise because you've taken it so many times; instead of an old boring man who just knows the material.
from Shawnee High School
It was GREAT! I will probably score higher just because of the confidence I gained.
from Tuttle High School
All I can say is, "Bring on the ACT!"
from Wyandotte High School
It was a good refresher for subjects forgotten.
from Afton High School
I learned methods for taking the ACT test that I would otherwise have had to learn by taking the ACT as many times as Chad.
from Drummond High School
I really enjoyed the workshop. It really assures me that I can beat the test. Coming from a low budget, single-parent family, I really think this will help me to pay for college.
from Drummond High School
I learned a lot. I think by working on this at home, I will improve my score. I came last year and my score improved 5 points!!
from Calera High School
It made a powerful impression on me. I enjoyed it very much.
from Calera High School
Your examples will certainly stick in my mind.
from Durant High School
I felt that this workshop is great for me because I am really nervous about my ACT and this was pretty calming.
from Kingston High School
Wow!! How do you know all this!! Never mind, dumb question. 18 times really pays off, huh?!
from Colbert High School
Really Great!! It told me what to expect and how to whip this test.
from Durant High School
I like how you said you used to be a slow reader. So am I.
from Meeker High School
It was definitely worth my time and money. This workshop gave different information that the other workshops that I've been to.
from Okemah High School
It was very good, especially the price. There is nothing I would change about the workshop. I would recommend it for everyone planning to take the ACT.
from Tecumseh High School
This workshop gave me effective methods from improving my score.
from Edmond North High School
I enjoyed the program. I can't wait to apply the new things that I learned to my test! I've probably never laughed so hard in my life!
from Covington-Douglas High School
I loved it! It was worth the money!! I totally thought it would be boring, but it was so fun!
from Covington-Douglas High School
This could determine my future. There is a lot of practical, applicable information given.
from Del City High School
The workshop refreshed my memory on classes I hadn't had in 3 years (Geometry) and gave me tips on improving my test taking skills in Science.
from Del City High School
Learning tips about the ACT is going to help me down the road! I liked the humor interjected into the curriculum.
from Oklahoma Bible Academy
(I) feel with your help and my commitment, I can beat the big bad ACT.-Thanks.
from Wright Christian Academy
It was great. I like your approach. You really seem to enjoy helping us. You were sincere. Keep it up. You're doing a wonderful job.
from Checotah High School
I would love to hear you talk more. You really kept a group of rowdy teens under control. If any one could do that (with this group of kids) I think, as you've proven, you can do anything. Thanks for coming.
from Midwest City High School
I didn't think I wanted to come. I thought that I would probably be trying to fall asleep. But you really kept my attention. It was GREAT!
from Gore High School
I liked the stories, tips and humor. I thought that you were going to be an old dude, dictator type. Boy, was I wrong!?
Andy S.
from Seiling High School
I liked your up-beat attitude displayed while teaching. I could tell you enjoyed what you were doing and (that) resulted in my liking it as well. I wasn't sure how to deal with a 3 and 1/2 hour workshop, but your intensity and knowledge helped me stay foc
from Midwest City High School
Before we came we thought we were going to spend 3 and 1/2 hours with a weird dork. But you are a totally different person. You made this worth the time.?
from Midwest City High School
I have bought many ACT books and this workshop told me more than the books did!
from Blanchard High School
To tell you the truth, I wasn't looking forward to coming because the one I went to before was terrible. All you do is take practice tests. I really feel like I learned a lot from this workshop. Also, I really enjoyed being here. I didn't get bored!
from Mustang High School
I'm sure you have heard this a lot, but before I came here I expected a boring workshop and I wanted to get it over with. But what I got was completely the opposite. I learned a ton of information and I had a fun time. It was definitely worth my money.
from Bixby High School
I didn't know there were people like you who could make learning fun. It sounds retarded and nerdy, but it's true. You are awesome!
from Bixby High School
I have been to a lot of prep courses. More information has been presented here as well as great strategies. I am excited about getting a better score and realize that I have a chance to do better.
from Oologah High School
I liked how you explained Trig in 5 minutes and I understood it, when I couldn't understand in class after a month.
from Enid High School
I was kind of dreading coming, but my mom pushed me and I couldn't let her down. Now I'm really glad I came and I'm looking forward to my first ACT.
from Harrah High School
You have taught me more in minutes than most teachers do in a semester.?
from Wagoner High School
I enjoyed it. I didn't want to come because I was afraid it was going to be boring, but it wasn't.
from Okarche High School
It has make me want to actually study for this test and continue to take it over and over again. You made it interesting with the humor. The tips were great, and you have motivated me to try my hardest and study.
from Prague High School
What you told us at the end was the most important thing we could learn. Show me your friends, and I will show you your future
from Harrah High School
It presented ideas and ways to work problems that I would have never known. This was a lot more fun than I expected! I learned more than I could have ever hoped.
from Westmoore High School
This really gets me pumped for the ACT which has always intimidated me. We covered many concepts never considered, and they were easy to remember. Thanks so much!
from Miami High School
Chad Cargill is amazing! The workshop was very insightful and let me know a lot more about the test and making future plans.
from Cushing High School
I loved this workshop! It helped me so much. Chad was so funny & he made the workshop enjoyable!
from Sapulpa High School
I'm so glad I took this workshop. Thanks to Chad, I have confidence that I will go to college with scholarship money.
from Stroud High School
I've taken a couple that took 8 hours & after this one workshop I feel like I've learned the most.
from Bixby High School
This workshop is not only informative, but also motivational. I know how and am ready to study.
from Jenks High School
It broke ACT down & made everything seem more simple.
from Haviland High School
It was actually fun, good information, and it really motivated me. I could also see your heart and that you cared.
from Jenks High School
The scholarship and interview portion was exactly what I needed.
from Watonga High School
Good strategies. I was able to connect to him. He is a very good speaker.
from Texas High School in Texas
I admire Chad so much for everything he has done and continues to do! This workshop was so much fun!
from Stillwater High School
He really knows how to connect to the students and shows great easy ways to take the test.
from Harding Charter Preparatory High School
I'm pleased, and do believe I got my $30 worth, because he included problems and examples as he went along. He spoke in a tone that teens could relate to. He has a very nice presence and (is a) very interesting person.
from Sylvan Hills High School in Arkansas
I enjoyed it. It wasn't boring at all. I was able to laugh and learn. I already feel encouraged to try much harder for the next test. It seemed much shorter than it was.
from Abundant Life School in Arkansas
Chad was so animated and enthusiastic. I know it will make my ACT score better!
from Cabot High School in Arkansas
Thanks for the info and great advice on my relationship with my inner nerd! I'M GONNA BE NERDY!!!!!
from Western Heights High School
Awesome workshop! I would definitely recommend this workshop to others. I feel I will be able to reach my goal score now.
from Hooks High School in Texas
Community service info was excellent.
from Sioux City North High School
The interview tips were really helpful! I liked the way you broke down the Math formulas & made the Science seem so much simpler than I've made it.
from Stillwater High School
He was always ready to answer any questions we had.
from Sylvan Hills High School in Arkansas
It was a great workshop! I wouldn't change anything about it. I've been two years now and it's great!
from Watong High School
Having taken the ACT several times and being stressed out. I'm now looking forward to taking them with Chad's helpful hints about the test.
from Sioux City East High School
I'm ready to take the ACT again! I learned so much!
from Atlanta High School in Texas
The speaker was great! Chad had a great attitude and really connected with me. Theis workshop is very helpful! I would recommend everyone to take it!
from Keota High School
Thank you so much for being so passionate about this workshop. You've given me hope to do more and be more.
from Thomas Fay Custer High School
I had a great time, and I'm gonna work hard and "embrace the nerd"!
Lori Beth
from Spring Hill High School in Arkansas
I had fun & learned a lot. I had tons of fun. Chad is crazy! But a good crazy! He was really entertaining.
from Keota High School
Not only did it encourage me for the ACT, it showed me ways to succeed with scholarships and be a witness to people while doing something that will help me in my future.
from Thomas Fay Custer High School
It motivates me to want to do better in school and take life more seriously.?
from Springhill High School in Arkansas
It was very well put together, very helpful, and informative. I learned a lot for the test and information for filling out applications for scholarships.
from Wesleyan Christian School
I'm going to take your advice to try and improve the speed of my reading. I had fun and feel inspired to study. I will embrace the nerd!!!
from Yukon High School
It has helped me with not just the ACT but interviews, resumes, and many other things that will help me with the rest of high school, college, and life!
from Spiro High School
It was a very interesting workshop. Very funny and I enjoyed all the stories!! Definitely worth my money! Thanks!!
from Skiatook High School
It was the most beneficial ACT Prep I have had! It was BY FAR worth the 2 hour drive :) It was easy to follow along and was useful for all learners! (visual, audio, and reading, writing)
from Union High School, Tulsa, OK
fun, informative, knowledgeable, interesting and worth it!!
from Norman High School, Norman, OK
It was the only workshop that I didn't want to end.
from Tipton High School, Tipton, OK


I think you have a personality that holds the students attention. If they will listen and apply the information you give them, there is no doubt they will increase their ACT score.
Donna Poeling
from Arapaho High School Arapaho, OK
I enjoy visiting with you. You are so enthusiastic. The students really respond well to you. Thanks for always working with me.
Becky Delozier
from Northeast Technology Center Pryor, OK
I feel like your workshop brings the ACT test to a new dimension for my students. They are always amazed at how many times you have taken the test, and how much the score has been raised.
Karen Castonguay
from Lomega High School Omega, OK
My students say that the time flies! Although it's 3-1/2 hours, it does not seem like it. Chad is a person students will listen to!
Cathy Douglas
from Putnam City West High School Oklahoma City, OK
Fine workshop, hard to improve.
Dick Holmes
from Adair High School Adair, OK
Very beneficial!
Sharon Hopkins
from Checotah High School Checotah, OK
Overall it is a great workshop!
Lynne Peters
from Enid High School Enid, OK
My kids loved it!!
Heather McMahon
from Turner Public Schools Burneyville, OK
Chad-your humor infused relief into an arena students are anxious about--Once students relax, they can LISTEN and LEARN--Your personality definitely reduced the stress students have about the ACT. Keep it up! You are blessed!
Sally Stinchcomb
from Cashion High School Cashion, OK
Chad does an excellent job!
Don Raleigh
from Sperry High School Sperry, OK
Don't change a thing!
Martha Asher
from Eufaula High School Eufaula, OK
Your story really lets the kids know that hard work pays off. I think your story is a great motivation to the students.
Mary Wood
from Plainview High School Ardmore, OK
I think is is a great workshop and plan to have you back.
Danielle Brockman
from Vian High School Vian, OK
We hope to use you again in the Fall. The kids loved it.
Julie Bruggenthies
from Henderson State University Arkadelphia, AR
Great experience---even better than the first time ten years ago.
Vicki Davison
from Sulphur High School Sulphur, OK
It was a great workshop that I plan to offer at least once a year to my students.
Julie Rice
from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M;College Miami, OK
Very good. My own children reported on how helpful the workshop was.
Debbie Booth
from Durant High School Durant, OK
You keep the attention of teenagers for 3-1/2 hours. That's amazing! You relate well to the students with your humor and experiences. The information that you share is updated and helpful. THANK YOU!
Janet Andersen
from Moore High School Moore, OK
Best investment you can make!!!
Robert Honey
from Carl Albert High School Midwest City, OK
My students feel the workshop motivates them and provides them with the necessary tools to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Chad's programmed calculators are worth the whole workshop fee. He does an awesome job!
Brenda Cox
from Central Technology Center Drumright, OK
I love the workshop and the students find the experience excellent. I highly recommend this workshop for all high school students.
Michael White
from Stillwater High School Stillwater, OK
You keep the attention of teenagers for 3-1/2 hours. That's amazing! You relate well to the students with your humor and experiences. The information that you share is updated and helpful. THANK YOU!
Donna Kilpatrick
from QuESTT, Inc./Talent Search Tahlequah, OK
Great workshop! Best one I have ever seen.
Shelly Cooper
from Westville High School Westville, OK
Excellent workshop! All the information needed to increase a students ACT is contained in the workshop and book.
Steve Glazier
from Northern Oklahoma College Enid, OK
It has been my experience adults can tell students to study, take a practice test blah blah blah. Without motivation they don't take it seriously. You not only give good ideas, but also the motivation/enthusiasm needed to begin studying. To keep (290) high school Juniors and Seniors attention without any trouble/commotion is without a doubt impress
Susan Taff
from Seminole State College Seminole, OK
It inspired and encouraged our students. The students that truly applied your principals raised their score anywhere from 2-4 points. First timers were relaxed going into the test, because they felt prepared.
Lisa Sadler
from Ripley High School Ripley, OK
The workshop has improved over the years. It is entertaining, useful, fast-paced, and in tune with teenagers.
Misty Brigance
from Carl Albert State College Upward Bound Poteau, OK
I continue this workshop, because the students comments are so positive. This is a very affordable workshop!
Lana McKinsey
from Clinton High School Clinton, OK
I love the way you are able to get students excited about taking the ACT.
Terrie Walker
from Weatherford High School Weatherford, OK
Definitely worth the time and money! I've had parents tell me that their children have raised their ACT scores having done nothing different other than attending the workshop! One student raised their score 6 points.
Kim Smith
from Ardmore High School Ardmore, OK
Non-traditional students also benefit from the workshop! Students needing high scores to enter into the Nursing Program.
Fachaitte Kinsolw
from Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa, OK
Our students thoroughly enjoy your enthusiasm and expertise in the area.
Tammy Kimrey
from Wewoka High School Wewoka, OK
The best workshop we have ever hosted for our students.
Milinda Wisdom
from Charleston High School Charleston, AR
99.9% of the students always comment positive on this workshop. Thanks for helping our kids be prepared and ready for the college experience.
Linda Belknap
from Autry Technology Center Enid, OK
Your enthusiasm and desire to help others succeed is infectious. It is an aid to the workshop.
Sandra Wright
from Guymon High School Guymon, OK
You have an abundance of helpful information and we always feel it is very worthwhile for our students to attend your workshops.
Kim Shoffner/Judy Smith
from Blackwell High School Blackwell, OK
...all said we should offer it next year. I had parents call me and ask to schedule another one next year. Justin did a good job!
Judy Barrett
from Clarke Community High School Osceola, IA
I have attended the workshops for three years and I learn something new every time. I wish parents could hear the information you provide.
Deborah Niccum
from Oklahoma Christian Academy Edmond, OK